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Meet April

Certified Primal Health Coach & Master Tapping Practitioner



Gut Health

Stress Free Eating Habits

Body Positivity & Self Care

emotional & Physical Pain

binge eating

My Story


In my late 20’s, I developed a wicked eating disorder of the bulimic variety.  She was a clingy thing and hung around for a solid nine years.  I was consumed with self-loathing and trapped in a self-perpetuating binge-purge cycle fueled by pressure to fit into a “desirable” body shape.  I looked healthy, but I was a train wreck.  My stress load was off the charts and I was completely burnt out. 

Hours of my life were spent chronically exercising, while simultaneously obsessing about food choices and meal preparation.  There wasn't room for much else.  Something had to give.  


Addiction therapy took me half way to whole but embracing an ancestral lifestyle optimized my hormone levels and metabolic efficiency and broke me from the diet/binge cycle.  By shifting focus from a physical result to a wellness mindset, I freed myself from self-loathing, depression, and bulimia. 

Free from binge eating and the symptoms of chronic stress surrounding it, I developed a real love for life, people and MYSELF again.  Joy, clarity and feeling fantastic became the new norm.  I had time to start learning and finding new tools to share with others.  

Getting fit and eating well should not be combined with pain, suffering, hunger and deprivation.  Wellness should feel good and so should the journey getting there.    


Today, at 50, I feel and look better better than I ever have!  I love who I am and what I'm doing and I want to spread the love to everyone.      

Feeling sexy and sensual unexpectedly came with my recovered sense of self and self-esteem.  It had nothing to do with the size or shape of my body. I LOVE BEING NAKED!  I love lovemaking and physical touch.  Sex is meant to be embraced, enjoyed and dare I say...talked about, especially as we come into our maturity!


I taught myself how to love life and my body, and take back my health.  I developed a system for vibrancy, vitality, freedom and imperfection, also known as Optimal Imperfection.


Optimal Imperfection forgives and empowers us to grow at our own pace, in our own shape and with our own intention.  It is free of judgement and is the key to finding and fueling our Optimal Self.  

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