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Chaffle Reboot

This base layer lends itself to sweet and savory with equal success.

I like to cook and I love versatile and reliable base layers in cooking. Having a solid catalogue of standard base layers is as important to my kitchen as my winter wardrobe. This chaffle is a staple because of its ease and versatility.

Chaffles had their moment a few years ago and I generally found those recipes to be flat and squishy in texture as they relied largely on just eggs and cheese. I bulked this one up to have a heartier texture and crisp edge. It stands up well for sandwiches, pizza or a standard waffle.

You can really turn this base layer into an elegant meal if you choose a first class cheese with a unique flavor profile.

Use Your Imagination

The batter can be made with any cheese you desire. Use whole, full fat cheese, which is an excellent source of beneficial fatty acids, vitamins, protein and fat. The harder the cheese is, the higher the vitamin content. Buy organic, grass fed cheeses when possible. It reduced your potential exposure to unwanted hormones and GMO.

I generally use an organic, full fat cheddar because the pre shredded bags are easy to come by and I like the texture it yields. Honestly though, you can use pretty much any cheese varietal, provided it isn't too moist. Buffalo mozzarella and goat cheese are not the men for this job. I've tried smoked gouda, smoked gruyere, manchego and more. You can really turn this base layer into an elegant meal if you choose a first class cheese with a unique flavor profile and top it with something indulgent.

For a traditional waffle, I usually grab mozzarella.. It yields slightly less crunch due to its lower fat and higher moisture content but it's subtle flavor lends itself to sweet toppings. You can add a little honey or stevia to the batter for sweetness. It’s delicious with a shmear of cream cheese and raspberry reduction but fresh fruit works great if time is limited.

As you see, you can tweak this little base layer to be sweet or savory and then top with whatever you're feeling that day. Sweet and savory at the same time you ask. You're damn right! There truly are not rules here.

Need some inspiration?

Use these easy combos as a jumping off point.

  • Sharp cheddar, everything bagel seasoning, cream cheese

  • Mild cheddar, almond butter, honey or homemade preserves

  • Smoked gruyere, sautéed wild mushrooms, fresh sage

  • Swiss cheese, ham and raspberry reduction

  • Mozzarella, walnuts, maple syrup

The chaffle pictured in the recipe is made with organic cheddar and topped with primalkitchen avocado mayo, a pasture raised egg, avocado slices, uncured bacon, Himalayan pink salt and fresh cracked pepper. It’s simple, quick and layered with flavor and texture.

Mix it up, make it your own and let your creative side run wild.


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