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Work With Me

As your coach my goal is to partner with you, for you, and support your journey to your Optimal Self and Vacation Lifestyle.

I only work with clients who are 100% ready for a commitment to accountability and change. Applicants can complete an initial application to determine eligibility.  If approved we'll schedule a complimentary discovery call so we can get to know one another and make sure we're a great match.  

FYOS Personal Program

My signature program is personalized to meet you where you are so you can discover what Optimal looks like for you and what Fuel (food, movement, selfcare) is best suited to get you there.  We will take your personal life and needs into account and fine tune an approach to align with them for your greatest success. 

This 12 week commitment aims to create an environment of growth and goal achievement through mutual investment and support.  The plan includes a 60 minute initial consultation, 12 weekly coaching sessions, text and email support, written education materials, personalized achievable goals, an action plan, confidentiality, friendship and above all else, FUN.

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21 Day Total Reset

This is a 21 day, step by step journey to reset your mind and body for optimal health and metabolic efficiency.  You will learn to adopt new practices that increase your energy levels, reverse chronic stress, enhance body composition, and improve self esteem. This reset is a great starting point and will teach your body to source fat and ketones for fuel while your hormones balance and inflammation subsides. 

We'll begin with a 60 minute initial consultation to introduce you to Primal Concepts and allow you to introduce me to YOU, your story and your goals.  During the 21 Days you will receive daily content and action items to keep you moving at an achievable pace.  Each week includes a 30 minute virtual one on one to solidify your success and understanding.  You'll have unlimited text and email support during the 21 days.

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