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Make the most out of 2022

Get ahead of the curve and get intentional about how you create your life. It's your life, set it up to exceed your expectations and it most certainly will!

Do you ever make a bunch of New Year's resolutions only to wonder what you even resolved to a few months later? Yeah, me too. I haven't done them in years because they generally get sidelined by life's other priorities. And let's be clear, sometimes that is because we devalue and deprioritize ourselves but that is another blog post. Stagnation isn't cute though so what to do?

In order to achieve what you want, you have to get crystal clear on what that is.

Get clear!

I first heard the words "get clear" back in 2017 from the lips of the bubbly, Ginny Gane, a Law of Attraction coach and part of the Manifest It Now podcast duo. It hit me like a bolt of lightening and changed the direction and quality of my life. To this day I consider it to be THE key factor in successful intention setting.

In order to achieve what we want, we have to get crystal clear on what that is. Sometimes we want the things we think we are supposed to want or things other people want for us. So in truth, we really don't want it, we just think we should. Whenever we say, "I need to [fill in the blank]", odds are we don't actually want to and if we don't want to, we're already fighting an uphill battle.

For example, I get to teach Pilates to awesome people at Pure Balance Pilates in my little town of Athens, GA. Upon discovering this about me, people often say, "I need to do Pilates". I almost always, smile and ask, "do you want to?". This is generally met with, "I don't know". They very well might want to but its a question that asks them to dig a little deeper and being intentional is 100% about digging deep!

In this short post I'm giving you some quick and easy steps to use while setting up your journey in the new year. Is there a right time to start? Absolutely not, start today if that feels inspired. Or start on Tuesday. Just start.

Take Stock

Sometimes it helps to look back and take a look at how well our #efforts served us in the past. And if they did get us the big reward, did it live up to the #expectation? My experience is that when aligned with intentions the outcome not only meets but exceeds expectation. So if wasn't a slam dunk, that is good information that maybe you just weren't that into it.

Get Curious

This is the fun part! What if? Where could your life be without limitation. No limiting beliefs aloud!

The sky is the limit. The bigger the better. Nobody is judging you. This is your dream, your life. Make it big or small. Just make it.

Do you want to buy a yacht!?! This is an idea my boo and I threw around after some friends mentioned it. We've been wanting some water front property and this seemed like it might be an alternative we hadn't considered. After a little soul checking, it wasn't an F* yes so we let it go. Who knows, it might just show up in a way we hadn't expected. That's part of the magic. That's another post too. 😉

Which brings me to the next step...

Follow the Spark!

Once you have that list of what ifs, spend some time with them and roll them over. Which ones really get you excited and inspire you. Those are the ones you develop. Don't be afraid to let go of the ones that don't. Put your energy into the ones that light your fire. You might pick the others up later but give your intention to the ideas that make you get tingly right now.

Get clear!

Water the Seed

Here is where we start considering how we align with our list. This doesn't mean you are figuring out how to get it done. You're just creating routines and actions that keep reminding you where you are going so you stay close to it. The pieces will fall into place and the details will become more clear if you keep your attention with your goals. The how will present itself organically. Act when the inspiration strikes!


Practice your goals. Get inside of them in any way you feel completely immersed in the experience of being there. I like to journal and write it out like it already is, like I already am, like we already are. Maybe journaling isn't your thing. It doesn't have to be. Maybe you are better served talking it out to yourself or even voice recording it and listening back. Maybe you need to draw it. Maybe you just need to sit contemplatively and visualize it. Find out what really connects you to the experience and practice how it feels. Connect to the emotions. FEEL IT!

Enjoy Patience

Last and certainly never least, enjoy the ride and be patient. Get out of the way and believe. Some things might fall apart to make room so you can expand toward what you are after. Change is scary but it is so worth the discomfort. Be grateful for every step of the way and keep knowing, believing and aligning yourself with what you know to be your truth.

Whatever your journey, make it your own. There isn't a right way and that truly is where I came up with my business name, #FuelYourOptimalSelf. Your #optimal fuels are not going to be the same for me or your best friend or your partner. Your SELF is unique, individual and getting to the bottom of what serves you is a worthy endeavor. You are worth the journey!

Cheers and Happy New Year!🥂



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