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An Anniversary Bowl!

A breakfast recipe to warm your soul and turn on your taste buds.

Since I'm on a self love and romance mission, I thought it a good time to revisit an old insta post as a quick good feeling read. I came up with this on a kid free anniversary morning to accompany a bottle of 🍾 chilled bubbly. My best recipes are born of no plan and on hand ingredients. When it comes out a winner, I write it down so I can do it again.

The most heartwarming recipes are more dependent on experience than exact measurements.

This meal was no exception. It was delicious by any standard but the experience surrounding it made it satisfy more than hunger cues alone. It was romantic, sensual and full of love and affection. It was a vehicle to batting eyelashes, flirting and stolen kisses. It was more than food, it was consciousness, it was soul food.

To this day, I remember eating this meal with vivid detail. Because of the richness of the experience, my brain is strongly attached to the memory of the flavors on the plate. That's the power experience has on food. Food and flavor becomes part of the fabric of a memory, when the experience surrounding it is intense.

That doesn't always equate to wonderful memories either. I can remember the airport hamburger I at on the way home from signing my father's DNR. It was at a popular food chain, served with no bun and a side of steamed (aka microwaved) broccoli. I barely touched it but I remember it with great detail. My father ended rallying by the way but that emotional flight home is burned on my brain.

Make an Experience

I love my daughters fiercely and I love my adult time in equal measure. Having the space to be a woman outside of motherhood is essential to my wellbeing and the wellbeing of those two young ladies. On this particular morning, I was kid free and fully embracing my feminine energy. I was feeling sensual, sexy, feminine and full of love so I naturally wanted to feed my partner and turn on his taste buds while making him feel pampered and desired.

Seeing as I hadn't planned well, my resources were limited. Optimal Imperfection (see previous post here) had by back so I conjured this simple combination which was equal parts beautiful and delicious.

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